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Subject headings

The digitized documents are tagged with subject headings, making it possible to find material of relevance to specific topics. Browse the subject headings below

  A-G H-P Q-W
  Accidents Homosexuality Quarantine
  Accusations Humiliation Quarry
  Agriculture labour Hunger Railways (Construction)
  Air raids Infirmary Rats
  AK-Home Army (Poland) Intellectuals (Social class) Rebellions
  Aristocracy (Social class) Interrogations Red Cross
  Arrests Jehovah's witnesses Revolt (Jewish)
  Ashes Jewelry Rivers (Construction)
  Atrocities Jews Roll calls (Appell)
  Authorities Labour camps Romani
  Barracks Lethal injections Round up
  Barracks (Construction) Living conditions Sabotage
  Barracks (Interior) Lynching Sanitary conditions
  Cannibalism Malingering Search warrants
  Children Manufactory work (Leather) Secret service
  Civilians Manufactory work (Textile) Selections
  Civilian employees Medical care Sexual abuse
  Clogs Medical experiments Sexual deviation
  Clothing Medical examinations Shaving
  Concentration camps Medical staff Soldiers
  Communists Medications Solitary confinement
  Corporal punishment Miscarriage Suicide
  Corpses Norwegian underground Suicide attempts
  Crematoriums Nuns Supervisors
  Criminals Overcrowding Swindlers and swindling
  Cultural life Parcels Tents (Interior)
  Cultural life (Art) Personal belongings Testimonies
  Cultural life (Education) Personal hygiene Theft
  Cultural life (Poetry) Physical exercises (Punishment) Torture
  Delousing Physicians Trade
  Deportations Polish underground Transportation (Boat)
  Diplomacy (Poland) Political activity Transportation (Cars)
  Diseases Power stations (Construction) Transportation (Train)
  Epidemics Prayers Tunnels (Construction)
  Escape attempts Pregnancies Wages
  Escapes Priests Warsaw uprising, 1944
  Evacuation Prison hulks Warsaw uprising (Ghetto)
  Executions Prisoner functionaries Water supply
  Extermination, Jewish (1939-1945) Prisoners (Danish) Water torture
  Factories Prisoners (Dutch) Weapons industry
  Fatigue Prisoners (German) Wehrmacht
  Female guards (German) Prisoners (Muslims) Volksdeutsche
  Flogging Prisoners (English) Work at camp
  Food Prisoners (Norwegian) Work crews
  Freezing Prisoners (Ukrainian) Wounds and injuries (Dogs)
  Gas chambers Prisoners (Russian)  
  Gestapo Propaganda  
  Ghetto Prisons  
  Guards Prostitutes  
  Guerrillas Protection  
  Gynecological examinations Psychological abuse  
    Punishment blocks  

Witnessing genocide