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Research data

The University Library's Work with Research Data
Research data are in popular demand, and funding bodies and others are placing more and higher demands on researchers to make their data available.

The topic of open science and open data is discussed in many different contexts at LU as well as by other national, EU and global stakeholders. 

Projects that have been granted funding from Horizon 2020 must have a research data management plan as of 2017, which assumes that publications and research data are made openly available. In Sweden, there are currently no national guidelines for the availability of research data, and it is unusual for funders to demand open research data.

How is the University Library preparing?

At UB we believe that making research data available will become part of many researchers’ work in the future. Therefore, our activities are conducted accordingly, aimed at developing services for research data management. We have a local, national and international network of stakeholders working with research data, including libraries, archives, data centres, research infrastructures and other national infrastructures. Furthermore, we are investigating what types of research data are generated and managed at LU, the needs associated with them, and the services required to meet those needs.

We are currently developing the research infrastructure ICOS Carbon Portal which is a pan-European infrastructure for research on greenhouse gas.

Visit ICOS Carbon Portal

We also have experience in data management modelling within an infrastructure, assessing reliable data and archiving, traceability and referencing of research data and metadata to promote interoperability and to make them easier to find, as well as in interaction design and content strategy. 

Ongoing research data projects at the University Library


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