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Register and publish in full text

Registration in LUCRIS and adding a full text

As a doctoral student at LU, you use LUCRIS to register your degree project and the thesis. The registration makes the thesis visible in LU's Research Portal and on the university's calendar for upcoming defenses. Also, make the theses freely available whenever possible.

Register your doctoral thesis

As a doctoral student at LU, you use LUCRIS to register your degree project and your thesis when it is completed.

You need this information to register your doctoral thesis:

  • Log-in information (LUCAT).
  • Information about the title of the doctoral thesis, ISBN etc.
  • Abstract in English, and preferably also in Swedish.
  • Information about the public defense of your doctoral thesis, venue and date, etc.
  • The doctoral thesis in full text as a pdf document for archiving. Do not include a signed version of the document data sheet. Google indexes your signature as a separate image. Use an unsigned version or publish in full text without the document data sheet.

The registration should be done well in advance to the public defense of your doctoral thesis!
You can always save a started registration in LUCRIS and continue later.

As a doctoral student at LU, you use LUCRIS to register your degree project and your thesis when it is completed. This makes your thesis visible and increases its dissemination within and outside LU. The registration makes it visible in the LU Research Portal, and also in the webpage for upcoming public defenses.

In order to register your doctoral thesis in LUCRIS you must have a LUCAT account.

Log into LUCRIS

Read more about registration in LUCRIS on the Staff pages

There is also a short manual that goes through step by step how to register a thesis and a thesis project.

LUCRIS short guide for doctoral and licentiate students (PDF)

Before you send your doctoral thesis to be printed, it must have a unique ID, an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) which is usually printed on the flyleaf of the doctoral thesis.

You can get ISBN by contacting the University Library.

Get ISBN for your doctoral thesis

If you do not have a pdf file ready when you register your doctoral thesis in LUCRIS, please contact the secretary at your faculty. See the list for the contact person at your faculty.

When you have registered your doctoral thesis, the contact person at your faculty or department will review and approve the registration before it becomes visible. You will receive a message when the registration is approved.

Publish your thesis in full text

When a thesis is registered, it should also be made freely available electronically. This increases the dissemination and visibility. Depending on the type of thesis, there may be different copyright rules that apply.

The author owns the copyright and the work can be made freely accessible.

Contact the publisher/editor and ask for permission.

The author owns the copyright to the summarising introduction which can be made freely accessible. Access to other included publications will be determined by the agreements entered into with the respective publishers.

LU has general agreements with the following publishers: IEEE, Elsevier, Cambridge University Press and Portland Press.

Submitted manuscripts

If the thesis includes unpublished or submitted manuscripts, only the comprehensive summary should be made open access in LUCRIS. Some publishers consider a manuscript as already published if it is made available electronically in a thesis and might not accept it for publication in their journals. There is an increase in journal publishers running plagiarism detection software which is causing problems when a paper is submitted to a journal based on a PhD thesis that is freely available in an institutional repository. Even where a journal publisher states that a thesis does not count as prior publication, the large degree of overlap between the submitted paper and the manuscript in the thesis as detected by the plagiarism software is causing papers to be rejected or returned. Once the submitted articles are published, and if you have permission from the publishers, you can make the complete thesis open access.

Generally, articles entered in LUCRIS with the status "submitted" are not made visible because it can compromise future publishing.

Published articles

Publishers usually allow articles to be included in the printed thesis. If the compilation thesis including the articles also can be made freely available digitally varies depending on the publisher's policy. The publisher's web pages provide information on permits for re-use of articles in a thesis, so it is always a good start to search directly with the publisher. 

You can also use the following forms to apply for permission directly from the publisher:

Application form for previously published material (PDF)

Lund University has general publishing agreements with a number of publishers. If your article is published by one of the following publishers, no agreement is necessary:

Visibility and dissemination

If a doctoral thesis is published electronically, it will, for example, be indexed and searchable in Google. It will also be listed in the European dissertation database DART-Europe and in the international database for freely available academic material - BASE. It will also be linked to your full text from the Swedish research database SwePub and from the world's largest library catalog, WorldCat. Regardless of which search engines or databases searches have been made, the hits are directed to the description registered in LUCRIS and displayed in the Research Portal.

Contact the faculty secretary

For other questions about your doctoral thesis and upcoming public defence, please contact your faculty secretary.

Faculty secretaries

School of Economics and Management
charlina [dot] lunvald [at] fek [dot] lu [dot] se (Charlina Lunvald)
Phone: +46 46 222 41 73

Faculty of Engineering (LTH) and IIIEE
maria [dot] bajuk [at] lth [dot] lu [dot] se (Maria Bajuk)
Phone: +46 46 222 89 13

Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts
Annika Michelsen
Phone: +46 46 32 54 96

Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology
kristina [dot] arnrup_thorsbro [at] kansliht [dot] lu [dot] se (Kristina Arnrup Thorsbro)
Phone: +46 46 222 83 15

Faculty of Law
Helena Josefsson
Phone: +46 46 222 10 95

Faculty of Medicine
Anette Saltin
Phone: +46 46 222 49 26

Faculty of Science
constance [dot] holmback [at] science [dot] lu [dot] se (Constance Holmbäck)
Phone: +46 46 222 44 24

Faculty of Social Sciences
yvonne [dot] aiello_davidsson [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se (Yvonne Aiello Davidsson)
Phone: +46 46 222 43 65