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The University Library holds original maps from the 16th century to the present day. Most Swedish maps and map series are available in our collections. Among modern maps, you will find the Ordnance Survey map series, tourist maps, geological maps, nautical charts, orienteering maps and much more. International maps are only available to a limited extent.

All maps are in storage, except for a small number located in the Reference Collection.

You can search the University Library’s atlases, road atlases and major map series in our LUBcat catalogue, but you cannot see which map sheets are available at the University Library.

Search our atlases, but not individual map sheets in LUBcat

We have a separate card catalogue of maps up to the 1970s. Please contact our staff for help in finding what you are looking for.

Our old atlases is in Catalogue -1957 under the subject section Geografi Kartor.

Search our old atlases in Catalogue -1957

All Swedish maps since 1986 is included in LIBRIS.

Search for Swedish maps in LIBRIS 

Digitized maps

We are continually working on digitizing the library’s older maps, making them freely accessible online. We are currently transferring all our digitized collections to ALVIN.

Search maps in ALVIN

Requesting maps

You request individual map sheets in advance and consult them in the Special Collections Reading Room.

Modern maps (post-1800): nyarekarttryck [at] ub [dot] lu [dot] se

Old maps (pre-1800): handskrift [at] ub [dot] lu [dot] se

Atlases can be searched and requested in LUBcat

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Modern maps (post-1800)
nyarekarttryck [at] ub [dot] lu [dot] se

Old maps (pre-1800)
handskrift [at] ub [dot] lu [dot] se

Maps are also available at the Geolibrary at Lund University