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Support for publication fees

Lund University’s APC fund

As part of the recommendations for open access publishing, Lund University has allocated central funds since 2008 for promoting publishing in OA journals. The Article Processing Charges (APC) funds provides opportunities for researchers at Lund University to receive partial funding for publishing articles in OA journals. The funds are administered by the University Library.

The following financial publishing support applies as of 1 November 2012:

  • Applications for funding support can be made for all open access journals published by serious publishing houses.
  • The funding only covers 50 per cent of the APC.

Terms and conditions for financial publishing support

The following terms and conditions apply for financial publishing support:

  • The corresponding author must be employed at Lund University, have a cost centre at LU and be registered in LUCAT.
  • The corresponding author must state a Lund University-connected affiliation in the article.
  • The journal must be entirely OA in order for support to be granted. Publication in hybrid journals or journals with delayed OA will not be granted support. (Hybrid journals include individual articles that are freely available, but the journal as a whole requires a subscription.)
  • The funding covers 50 per cent of the APC.
  • The journal must meet certain quality requirements. Generally, a publishing house should meet the OASPA’s Code of Conduct in order for funds to be contributed towards the APC.
  • Publishing support is distributed on a first come first served principle.
  • If the year’s allocated funds for publishing run out before the end of the year, support ceases until new funds are available.
  • If the publishing funds ran out before new funding has been secured, all submitted articles that have been approved for support will receive it upon publication, even if publication takes place after funding is no longer approved for new articles.

NOTE! Changes in the publishing fund!

The central publishing fund is budgeted to 1.25 million SEK in 2016. This is a decrease from the 2.75 million SEK the fund had available in 2015. One consequence of this is that the University Library, which administers the fund, needs to have a close check on cash flow to be able to close the fund if it goes empty before the budget year end.

The following changes are a result of this:

  • From 1 of March 2016 the LU "Prepay membership" in BioMed Central ends and is replaced by a "Supporter membership". Practically, it means that LU does not make any advance payments to cover everything that is submitted to BMC and the discount is reduced from 20 to 15%.
  • To be sure to receive money from the fund you must have submitted an application and have it approved. Thus you can no longer just state that you belong to LU when submitting a manuscript to BMC, PLoS or Co-Action Publishing. First, get an approved fund application and then submit to the publisher if you want to be sure to receive money from the fund!
  • Otherwise, the previous first-served principle and no support for hybrid journals are still in place. See further details below.

How to apply

  1. When you have decided which journal you will send your article to, fill in the form and send it to the University Library.
  2. The University Library will inform you whether or not support will be granted.
  3. When the article has been accepted the invoice will be split 50/50 in LUPIN.
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For questions about the publication process, bibliometrics, research data, open access, etcetera., please contact:

publicera [at] lub [dot] lu [dot] se

For questions about LUCRIS, please contact:

servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se

Watch out for dubious publishers!

There are dubious OA publishers that Lund University does not support. They are listed here along with some general advice. If you come in contact with publishers that you feel should be included on the list, or if you would like help to assess the quality of a publisher before submitting an article, please contact us at publicera [at] lub [dot] lu [dot] se.

Publication in a subscription-based journal when the research funder requires OA

One alternative is to self-archive the article in LUCRIS if the publishing house allows self-archiving. The majority of research funders allow self-archiving as an alternative to direct OA publishing.