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Dubious OA journals

There are a number of things to consider before submitting an article to a journal.

Quality control

The publisher and/or journal has undergone a quality control if at least one of the points below is confirmed:

  • The publisher is a member of the OASPA
  • The journal is registered in DOAJ
  • The journal is indexed in Web Of Science, PubMed, Scopus or some other index database which conducts quality assessments. Do not rely on the journal’s website; search for the journal in the relevant service’s list of indexed journals.

The general impression of the journal

  • Check individual articles in the journal. Do they fall within the journal’s disciplinary boundaries?
  • Are previously published articles authored by well-known contributors and/or from renowned institutions in the discipline?
  • Who is on the editorial board? Are they relevant to the subject of the journal? There are examples of unserious journals that have named researchers as members of their editorial board, without asking permission.
  • Does the peer review process seem reasonable? If the journal promises peer review the same week/ in a very short time, it is probably not serious.
  • Is there reliable contact information?

Think about this before submitting an article

The following website contains a good review of what you should bear in mind before submitting your article:

If you are contacted by LAP

LAP is a monograph publisher that contacts recent doctoral and Master’s graduates with offers to publish their theses or degree projects in book form. It is dubious whether there is any benefit to you as an author in doing this. The publisher is not open access.

Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) and VDM Publishing House Ltd

A few links concerning being contacted by LAP/VDM:

Contacts for additional help

If you are still uncertain, please contact your faculty library or department of scholarly communication (contact information in the right column) for help in assessing a journal or publisher.

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For questions about dubious journals and publishers, please contact:

publicera [at] lub [dot] lu [dot] se.