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Dubious OA publishers

Dubious publishers may occur, and it is worth considering before you publish your article with them. Here is a list of some of these publishers as well as a link to discussions about them. You will also find some general advice on the assessment of journals.

General considerations before submitting an article to an unfamiliar journal:

  • Are previously published articles written by prestigious authors and/or from prestigious departments in the field?
  • Who are the members of the editorial board?
  • Is the contact information sufficient?
  • Are the terms and conditions in the License to publish reasonable?

Further reading


Dubious publishers

Academic Journals

Academic Journals engage in an aggressive campaign that could be characterised as spamming in order to capture authors. Their website also lacks sufficient contact information, they demand that the copyright ownership be transferred from author to publisher and have few articles published in their journals.

Bentham Science Publishers: Bentham Open

See discussion:

David Publishing Company

See discussion:

OMICS Publishing Group

Scientific Journals International

See discussion:

Scientific Research Publishing

See: Sanderson, K. (2010). "Two new journals copy the old". Nature 463: 148.

A monograph publisher (not OA)

Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) and VDM Publishing House Ltd

LAP contacts recently graduated doctoral students and students of master’s programmes and offers to publish their doctoral theses in book form. This offer is of dubious benefit to the authors.

Some links concerning LAP/VDM (thanks to Maria Kinger, Chalmers, for gathering them):

Page Manager:


For questions about dubious publishers, please contact:

publicera [at] lub [dot] lu [dot] se.

We are also happy for suggestions of publishers not yet included in the list.