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Register your publications and make them publicly available
The University Library’s support activities for scholarly communication cover various parts of the scholarly publishing process.

Together with the Research Service Unit, the University Library develops and manages LUCRIS, a research information system where researchers register and publish their publications. The University Library also manages LUP Student Papers, a system where students register their papers. We also provide support and advice in publication matters, with special efforts to promote open access (freely accessible publications). We also perform bibliometric analyses of scholarly production and offer support and advice in matters associated with evaluation and bibliometrics.

Find out more about how to register in LUCRIS and LUP Student Papers, open access publishing, self-archiving, and bibliometrics by selecting the appropriate tab. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions!

Cooperation with the faculty libraries

The University Library works in close collaboration with the other libraries within Lund University Libraries, who also work with publication support, open access and questions within scholarly communication.

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