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Voices from Ravensbrück


There are about 500 interviews with Polish survivors in the archive. They include not only experiences from Ravensbrück and its sub-camps but also from other camps such as Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Flossenburg, Gross-Rosen, Majdanek, Neuengamme, Auschwitz, Sachsenhausen and Stutthof.

There are also accounts detailing extended periods of internment in prisons and labour camps for political prisoners, including some camps in Norway.

Over half of the respondents were under 35 years of age when they arrived in Sweden. 73% were women, 86% were Catholics, 13% Jewish and 1% had a different religion.

In the ongoing work the interviews are being translated by professional translators as well as by volunteers.

English translators: Andrew Dobrzański, Irena Farrell, Christina Manetti, Kris Murawski, Roman Solecki, Jan Tuszyński.
Swedish translators: Paweł Andrzejewski, Ewa Kabacinski-Jansson, Jadwiga Koba, Lars Lindquist, Artur Szulc (the translations come from his book: Röster som aldrig tystnar : tredje rikets offer berättar / Artur Szulc. - Stockholm : Prisma, 2005), Martyna Wieckowski, Joanna Winter.

Interviews in Polish (original language)

Translations to English

Translations to Swedish


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