Lockers and trolleys

At the University Library you as a researcher can rent lockers and trolleys for your borrowed literature. There are also trolleys in the library that anyone can borrow for free.

The lockers and trolleys in the scholars' reading rooms can be rented by doctoral students or faculty/researchers. The lending period is one year, with possibility to renew. Since we have a limited number of lockers and trolleys, they are primarily available for those who visit the library often and borrow reading room loans frequently.

Trolleys are not suitable for books of the larger, so called folio format. If you know you will borrow books of this format we recommend you rent the large lockers instead.

There are also trolleys in the public areas of the library which can be borrowed by all categories of library card holders. These are free of charge, but can only be borrowed for 6 months and there is no possibility of renewal.