Computers & networks

Until further notice, only a few computers are available for information retrieval . You need to book a seat in advance. You will find the booking to the right on this page. Scroll down the page if you are reading on a mobile.

Use our computers

On our computers you will find the Office package, Adobe Acrobat DC, reading and spelling aid programmes and web browsers. 

If you want internet access as well as access to software programmes, you must use a personal login. If you are a student or an employee, you use your user account: student or Lucat account. 

Other visitors need to contact the information desk to create a guest account.

Wireless network

Lund University’s wireless network is called Eduroam and is available for students and employees. It is a secure wireless network used across Europe and therefore available to students and employees from Eduroam connected institutions. Before you can use Eduroam for the first time, you will need to configure the correct settings on your device.

Read the instructions on how to connect to Eduroam

Other visitors may use a temporary login. Choose the wireless network  LU Guest. You register by SMS or email and receive a code lasting a maximum of 12 hours.

Read the instructions on how to connect to LU Guest