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Storage units for reading room loans

In addition to study places for scholars, the University Library also has storage units for borrowed literature in the form of lockers and trolleys in Scriptoriet and Collinska rummet. Researchers can rent these storage units through the library information deslk. There are also trolleys in the library that anyone can borrow for free, but these have a shorter lending period and you cannot renew the loan.

The storage units in the scholars' reading rooms can be rented by library patrons that are doctoral students or faculty/researchers at Lund University or elsewhere. When we issue the key for your storage unit to you, you accept the special lending conditions linked below. Please read them before you decide to rent or borrow a storage unit. 

Special lending conditions for storage units (PDF).

Since we have a limited number of lockers and trolleys, they are primarily available for those who visit the library often and borrow reading room loans frequently.

How to get access to a storage unit

Lockers and trolleys are issued at the reference desk. You can pay immediately using a debit- or credit card, or you can pay by invoice. If you are Lund University staff and your department will cover the cost of your storage, you need to bring with you the cost centre (konstnadsställe) for your department so that we can invoice them.

Storage in Collinska and Scriptoriet have a borrowing period of one year, with the possibility of renewal. One year after your storage was issued to you, you will get reminders via email that the borrowing period is about to expire, like the emails you get regarding your book loans.  When you get the email reminders you visit the reference desk to either renew your loan and pay again or return the key if you do not wish to keep your storage unit.

Sizes and fees

Lockers are available in different sizes, all of which have a depth of 40 cm.

  • Small: 37 x 37 cm. Fee: SEK 125/12 months
  • Medium: 109 x 23 cm. Fee: SEK 250/12 months
  • Large: 109 x 35 cm. Fee: SEK 250/12 months

Trolleys can hold 2,5 linear shelf metres and have a depth of 30 cm. Fee: SEK 500/12 months

Trolleys are not suitable for books of the larger, so called folio format. If you know you will borrow books of this format we recommend the large lockers instead.

There are also trolleys in the public areas of the library which can be borrowed by all categories of library card holders. These are free of charge, but can only be borrowed for 6 months and there is no possibility of renewal.

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