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Lund University's APC Fund


Many open access journals are financed by publication fees, so-called Article Processing Charges (APC). As a researcher at Lund University, you can apply for partial funding of the APC in pure open access journals.

Lund University’s APC fund is managed by the University Library and currently comprises SEK 1.25 million per year. This support for publication fees in open access journals is distributed according to the principle “first come, first served” and covers 50 percent of the cost of an APC. Note that in cases where the publication takes place in collaboration with other higher education institutions, the fund only covers 50 percent of LU's cost and not 50 percent of the total cost.

The fund does not cover extra costs for pages and color images.

Open access fees for books and book chapters can be financed through the Lund University book fund.

Apply for funding for publishing books open access

Lund University Library also has several publisher agreements, where open access journals are sometimes included. If an OA journal is included in an agreement, no application to the fund is required.

Search for journals included in current publisher agreements

Terms and conditions for a granted application

The following criteria must be met in order for us to grant your application:

Terms for the author

  • The applicant must be the corresponding author of the article.
  • The applicant's affiliation to Lund University must be stated in the article.
  • The applicant must be employed at LU and have a LUCAT, and must be funded by LU. Researchers who are funded by Region Skåne are not eligible.
  • The applicant must have a cost center at LU with which The University Library can share the invoice. We cannot debit accounts outside LU's financial system (LUPIN).
  • Since the invoice is shared directly in the financial system LUPIN, someone with the authority to post invoices needs to be specified in the field "Invoice Recipient" in the application form.
  • The fund does not cover extra costs for pages and/or color images.

Terms for the journal

  • The journal must be pure open access. We do not grant support for publishing in hybrid journals or journals with delayed open access.
  • The journal must meet some quality requirements and follow good publishing practices for scientific journals.

Read more about choosing an open access journal and assessing publishers and journals

How to apply

  1. Apply by filling in the application form, which is sent to the University Library. Apply in connection with the submission of the manuscript. When the application is approved, we then reserve 50 percent of the cost of the article, even if new applications can no longer be approved.
    Fill in the application form
  2. You will get a reply as to whether your application has been approved or not. Upon approval, we also send additional instructions for handling the invoice.
  3. When the article has been accepted and invoiced, the cost is divided 50/50 and The University Library forwards the invoice to the specified recipient in LUPIN for posting your part of the cost.

No financial support for publishing in hybrid journals

The main reasons why APCs for hybrid journals are not funded by the central fund at LU are as follows:

  • The average hybrid journal APC is in fact almost twice as expensive as the average full OA journal APC.
  • Few publishers have a clear correlation between the subscription price and the number of APC-funded papers in a journal (the double-dipping problem). I.e. the subscription price should go down when the number of APC-funded papers increases. This is beginning to improve, but it´s still the main reason most APC funds don’t support publishing in hybrid journals.
    In short, we try to make as much as possible to support a transition towards OA with the limited amount of resources we have.

  • Hybrid publishing is becoming well covered by the several national publisher agreements that Lund University takes part in.


For questions about the publishing process, bibliometrics, research data, open access, please contact your faculty library or

publicera [at] lub [dot] lu [dot] se

For questions about LUCRIS, please contact:

servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se

Watch out for dubious publishers and journals

There are dubious OA publishers and journals that Lund University does not support. We have listed some general advice here. If you would like help to assess the quality of a publisher or a journal before submitting an article, please contact us at publicera [at] lub [dot] lu [dot] se.

Publishing in a subscription-based journal when the research funder requires OA

One alternative is to self-archive the article in LUCRIS if the publishing house allows this. The majority of research funders allow self-archiving as an alternative to direct OA publishing.