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Registering a doctoral thesis

FAQ about the registration procedure
This is a list of frequently asked questions on how to register your doctoral thesis. For other questions, please contact your faculty secretary.

Where do I register my doctoral thesis?

You registrate your thesis in LUCRIS (opens in a new window, please use LUCAT for log in).
Need help?

Read more about registration in LUCRIS at the Staff pages

Read more about the registartion in our short guide LUCRIS -short guide for doctoral and licentiate students (opens in a new window).

What information is required when registering the thesis?

  • Log-in information (LUCAT).
  • Information on the title of the doctoral thesis, ISBN etc.
  • Abstract in English, and preferably also in Swedish.
  • Information about the public defence of your doctoral thesis, venue and date, etc.
  • The doctoral thesis in full text as a pdf document for archiving.
    Find out more about publishing a doctoral thesis in full text

You can save an incomplete registration and return to it at a later time.

How do I obtain my log-in information?

In order to register a doctoral thesis you must have a LUCAT account.

Information about LUCAT (in Swedish)

If you have forgotten your password, contact the directory administrator at your division.

When should I enter the information?

This should be done well in advance to the public defence of your doctoral thesis. Contact the secretary at your faculty for more exact information regarding the registration deadline (see right hand column).

Who is the secretary at my faculty?

See the right hand column for the contact person at your faculty.

How do I obtain an ISBN?

Before you send your doctoral thesis to be printed, it must have a unique ID. This is called an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and is usually printed on the flyleaf of the doctoral thesis. How to obtain an ISBN number.

How do I know that what I have written actually has been saved in the database?

When you have registered your dissertation a message will be sent to the contact person at your faculty or institution, who will approve the registration. You will receive a message when the registration is approved and your thesis is visible in LUCRIS.

What should I do if I do not have a pdf file at the time of registration?

Contact the secretary at your faculty. See the right hand column for the contact person at your faculty.

How do I publish my doctoral thesis in full text?

If the publisher of the doctoral thesis is you or the University, the pdf file can be made publicly available in LUCRIS in conjunction with registration.

Find out more about publishing a doctoral thesis in full text.

How is the printed doctoral thesis distributed?

Every doctoral student is to submit four complete copies of the doctoral thesis (one copy of licentiate thesis) to the University Library at Helgonabacken. Each copy of the doctoral thesis should contain a document data sheet.

Note! Doctoral students at the Faculty of Social Sciences submit only three copies (one copy of licentiate thesis) to the University Library. Doctoral students at the Faculties of Humanities and Theology do not submit thesis to the University Library, this is handled by the faculty.

Do you prefer to send your dissertations by post? Please address to Universitetsbiblioteket Box 3, 221 00 Lund. Do not forget to mark the envelope with "Dissertations" and to write your own address - we will send you a note that we have received your thesis.

Where can I find the template for the document data sheet that is to be included in the printed doctoral thesis?

The doctoral thesis should contain an abstract sheet with information about the public defence of the doctoral thesis. The links below provide templates for this:


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