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Publishing a doctoral thesis in full text

Publishing a doctoral thesis in full text will increase its visibility and use. It is, however, important to know which copyright rules apply. Below are some guidelines for each type of doctoral thesis.

Visibility of the doctoral thesis

If you publish your doctoral thesis electronically, it will not only be indexed and made searchable in Google. It will also be listed in the European doctoral theses database DART-Europe and in the international database for freely available academic material – BASE. It will also be linked to your full text from the Swedish research database SwePub and from the world’s largest library catalogue, WoForrldCat.

Regardless of the search engine or database from which the searches were conducted, any hits will be directed to the LUCRIS record describing your doctoral thesis.

Publishing a monograph

If you or the University is the publisher of your doctoral thesis, the pdf file can be made publicly available in LUCRIS in conjunction with registration. If the doctoral thesis is being published by an external publisher, permission from the publisher is required.

For futher information, see our page on Copyright

Publishing a compilation thesis

If your thesis include unpublished or submitted manuscripts, only the comprehensive summary should be made open access in LUCRIS. The electronic version of the complete thesis should also be uploaded but with access set to  “Closed”. Some publishers consider a manuscript to have been published already if it is made available electronically in a thesis and will not accept them for publication in their journals. Once the submitted articles are published, and if you have permission from the publishers, you can make the complete thesis open access.


We have observed an increase where journal publishers run plagiarism detection software. This is causing problems when a paper is submitted to a journal which is based on a PhD thesis made freely available in an institutional repository, e.g. LUCRIS. Even where a journal publisher states that a thesis does not count as prior publication, the large degree of overlap between the submitted paper and the manuscript in the thesis as detected by the plagiarism software is causing papers to be rejected or returned. We recommend that you only make the comprehensive summary freely available and upload the full copy of your dissertation as an archival copy with closed access.

Publishers usually allow articles to be included in a thesis. If the dissertation with articles also can be made freely available digitally varies depending on the publisher's policy. The publisher's web pages provide information on permits for re-use of articles in dissertations, so it is always a good start to search directly with the publisher.
Caltech Library has compiled a list of several publishers and their guidelines, which can also be helpful:

You can also use the following forms to apply for permission directly from the publisher:

Application form for previously published material (PDF)

Lund University has general publishing agreements with a number of publishers. If your article is published by one of the following publishers, no agreement is necessary:

Generally, articles in LUCRIS with the status "submitted" are not made visible because it can compromise future publishing.

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