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Mission statement

Mission statement of Lund University Library

Lund University Library is one of the oldest university libraries in Sweden, with a significant breadth with regard to both its collections and target groups (students, researchers and the general public). The University Library aims to manage and develop its activities with a focus on user needs.

Lund University Library shall:

  • be a university-wide resource and part of the infrastructure of the University as well as collaborate with other libraries at Lund University.
  • engage with the wider society and participate in local, national and international collaborations to develop and improve its activities and services.
  • administrate and make available all the online resources (databases, e-journals and e-books) of Lund University. This includes the administration of funding, purchasing, licence management and user statistics.
  • own, manage and develop library-related IT systems according to the administration model of Lund University and, within the frameworks of the systems administration, take responsibility for education and support.
  • own and/or manage as well as develop systems to support and develop the research communication at Lund University and, within the frameworks of the systems administration, take responsibility for education and support.
  • support the University with expertise in matters concerning Open Access, bibliometrics and research data.
  • be responsible for the administration of the collaboration concerning the university-wide parts of the library organisation.
  • receive, make available and preserve the Swedish legal deposit copies, for current and future generations.
  • acquire, make available and preserve manuscripts, early printed materials, special collections and archives.
  • work for digital access to the physical collections of the library.
  • organise and manage storage of printed materials for all the libraries at Lund University.
  • provide appropriate library services in the form of open collections and physical and digital information services.
  • offer a functional and attractive public study and research environment with study areas and group study rooms.
  • be a part of the cultural collaboration of Lund University.