Focus areas 2019–2020

Focus areas of the broad Lund University Library

Lund University Library strives to develop and manage its activities with a focus on user needs.

We have identified three focus areas to support this work in 2019–2020:

  1. Open access to collections and research 
  2. Appropriate services to our patrons
  3. Trustworthy/secure use of resources and work environment


The focus areas reflect the current situation. They have been selected based on both experienced problem areas and other parts of the organisation that require specific development in the next few years. They comprise a vision for the library in 2020.

The organisation will focus on these areas during the current two-year period. They constitute an overall initiative but are also a guide for the organisation as a whole in that they link to concrete activities in library plans for 2019–2020. Two areas focus on library patrons and one has an internal focus on library staff.

The library management is responsible for resource allocation, planning and the following-up of activities based on the focus areas.  

This document is primarily an internal document for library staff. 

Focus areas

Read more on our focus areas in 2019–2020 below.

Open access to collections and research 

We are to work actively on maintaining and making the collections available through digitisation. We are to be proactive in our relationship with individual researchers and faculties with regard to which digitisation service we can offer and regularly review our digitisation strategy and procedure. Together with other relevant units at Lund University, the library is to work with and for open access to research publications and research data. 

Appropriate services to our patrons

We are to offer services adapted to user needs for quality and efficiency through a stable physical and digital information service as well as attractive and appropriate premises. 

Trustworthy/secure use of resources and work environment

The library management is to work regularly on the following-up and strategic planning of library resources to ensure they are used responsibly, and the communication around this is to be transparent. In addition to the statutory activities with regard to the work environment at the library, it is to be a matter of priority for both management and staff and should include ongoing and close collaboration with health and safety representatives.