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Ephemera are, generally speaking, advertising and information materials. These reflect the society and everyday life of their time, and that is why they are important sources of research. The ephemera are not included in the library catalogue, but you can request and read them in our Special Collections Reading Room.

Ephemera are the most frequently printed materials in Sweden, and form a large part of our collections. It is material published by companies, institutions, organisations and associations such as: 

  • Almanacs
  • Advertising material
  • Annual reports and other corporate publications
  • Brochures
  • Local government documents
  • Maps
  • Organizational material
  • Parish newsletters
  • Posters
  • School yearbooks
  • Timetables

This is how you request ephemera

Ephemera are normally not included in the library catalogue LUBcat, but you can request them through the form below.

Describe what you are looking for in the request form. We will contact you as soon as we have processed your request, normally within a week.

Request ephemera through this form

You can then read the material in the Special Collections Reading Room, open on weekdays 9 am–5 pm. You need to have a library card to read the material in the Special Collections Reading Room.

Apply for a library card

Find out more about ephemera

The majority of ephemera is delivered to us straight from the printers, thanks to the Legal Deposit Act. We do not catalogue the material, though it is organized by publisher and subject category.

In a previous exhibition on ephemera we highlighted different prints in the categories politics, health, leisure and popular movements. If you want to know more about ephemera, the exhibition catalogue gives a good overview.

See examples of ephemera in the exhibition catalogue (PDF, in Swedish)

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Examples of Ephemera

Picture of poster that promotes Amarant skin care products
Picture of poster that promotes Amarant skin care products