The Library Board

The Library Board is the board of the University Library and has a general responsibility for the collective library services at Lund University - the University Library, faculty libraries and independent centre libraries.

The Library Board consists of Pro Vice-Chancellor Bo-Anders Jönsson, chairman, the LIbrary Director, four faculty members, two external members and two students. The members are appointed for three years except the student representatives, who are appointed for one year.

The present term of office is 1 September 2019 to 31 January 2021, an exception from the rule that the term of office should be 3 years. This is the case since the Library Board's term of office follows the joint university boards' terms of office which expires on 31 January 2021.

The Library Board


Bo-Anders Jönsson, Pro Vice-Chancellor

Library Director

Håkan Carlsson, LIbrary Director

Faculty members

Barbara Törnkvist-Plewa, Humanities & Theology
Erik Swietlicki, LTH
Heiko Herwald, Medicine
Lena Eskilsson, Social Sciences

External members

Catta Torhell, Library Director Linnaeus University
Lars Burman, Library Director Uppsala University

Student representantives

Patrik Gustafsson
Christoffer Hansson

Staff representatives with right of attendance and speech

Marie Hoen, SACO
Magnus Karlsson, ORF/S

Keeper of minutes

Lena Landgren, Controller, Lund University Library Office

Duties of the board

The Library Board:

  • is responsible for strategic questions.
  • decides on a budget proposal for the University Library on the basis of the Library Director's assessments.
  • decides on general rules designed to give staff and students equal opportunities at the University Library, faculty libraries and independent centre libraries.
  • determines strategic plans and annual reports for the University Library.
  • follows up the work on ongoing risk management issues within the University Library and takes decisions on action.
  • cooperates with faculties, specialised  university centres, cultural centres and museums , the Education Board, Research Board  and other joint university bodies.
  • developes a competency supply plan for the University Library.