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On this web page, you can see an organisation chart for Lund University Library and read about the organisational structure. All links on the web page go to the people and address directory for Lund University.

Organisation chart for Lund University Library. Illustration.
Organisational structure for Lund University Library. The organisation chart is explained in the text below the picture.

Library Director

The Library Director is Lund University Library's highest executive.

The Library Director is Håkan Carlsson.

Deputy Library Director

The Deputy Library Director has the overall responsibility for matters relating to collections, their security, collection development, as well as for the digitization strategy and relevant national projects linked to university collections. 

The Deputy Library Director is Eva Nylander.

Management Board

Together with the Library Director the heads of department and the heads of Collection's sections form the Management Board. 

  • Håkan Carlsson, The Library Director
  • Eva Nylander, The Deputy Library Director and Acting Head of Department Acquisition
  • Åsa Sellgren, Head of Department Electronic Resources
  • Henrik Åslund, Head of Department IT Services
  • Elisabeth Stålesjö, Head of Library Office
  • Jenny Hallström, Head of Department Library Services
  • Ewa Giniewska, Head of Department Metadata and Cataloguing
  • Kristoffer Holmqvist, Head of Department Scholarly Communication
  • Tobias Idberg, Head of Department Special Collections



The department receives and administers the legal deposit and makes claims for non-deposited materials. The department maintains the Newspaper and Ephemera collections and the loan requests of this material. The department also purchases some foreign and Swedish material associated with the library’s collections. 

Acting Head of Department is Eva Nylander.

Department of Acquisition

Electronic Resources

The department is responsible for acquiring, maintaining and providing access to the electronic resources. This means that the department work with management of the electronic resources.

Head of Department is Åsa Sellgren.

Department of Electronic Resources

IT Services

The department has two sections: Digitisation and Operations and Development

The department is responsible for the development, management, support and administration of our systems. This means that the department run and develop our systems and work with the digitisation of our collections. Within the department, there are the skills to reproduce and photograph our material. 

Head of Department is Henrik Åslund.

Department of IT Services

Library Office

The department is responsible for general strategic management and administrative support to the rest of the library. This means that the department support management and the library with internal as well as external communication, graphic design, web development. The department also works with staff, financial and building issues. 

Head of Library Office is Elisabeth Stålesjö.

Library Office

Library Services

The department has two sections: Circulation and User Services

The department is responsible for information services, research and study environments and Ioans. This means that the department works with the functions and environments where the staff meet researchers, teachers, students and the general public. 

Head of Department is Jenny Hallström.

Department of Library Services

Metadata and Cataloguing

The department's main responsibility is to make the physical collections searchable and available. This means that the department is responsible for the process of creating metadata representing the content of the collections, so that the users can find the material in catalogues, databases and in the library.

Head of Department is Ewa Giniewska.

Department of Metadata and Cataloguing

Scholarly Communication

The department support researchers in the scientific publication process and faculties and management in matters relating to Open Access, bibliometrics and research data. The department also administers the University publishing fund and together with the University Research Service Unit the department manage the research information system LUCRIS. 

Head of Department is Kristoffer Holmqvist.

Department of Scholarly Communication

Special Collections

The department is responsible for preservation issues for the entire library, bookbinding, and registration of new material. The department is also responsible for the acquisition, preservation and cataloguing of the library's special collections.

The Head of Department is Tobias Idberg.

Department of Special Collections