The Einar Hansen library

The University Library runs a project making the Einar Hansen collection of book history-related literature available in LIBRIS, the union catalogue of Swedish university and research libraries.

The book as a product

Printing, image reproduction and book bindings

The Einar Hansen library contains representative examples of the art of printing, image reproduction and book bindings from different time periods. The collection tells the history of the book as a product of graphic design and graphic industry. The library contains several interesting manuscripts, but the majority are printed books containing famous examples of typography, images and book bindings. The collection is next to unique in Sweden and unusual in an international context.

The University Library manages the Einar Hansen library. The library is not open to the public, but available to students and researchers on request. The Division of Book History at Lund University uses the library for teaching.

Who was Einar Hansen?

Einar Hansen (1902-1994) was during 70 odd years active in Malmö as one of the city’s foremost and most dynamic business leaders. He founded the Allhem publishing company in 1932. He created a comprehensive reference library for the publishing house and a unique collection of about 6,000 volumes related to book history. In 1969 Einar Hansen was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Lund University for his achievements as a publisher. In 1983 Einar Hansen transferred his library to a newly established foundation, called the Einar Hansen Library Foundation. Since 2007 the collection is held at the University Library.


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