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The University Library organizes exhibitions with different themes in the library foyer and outside Tegnérsalen. The aim of the exhibits is to display our amazing cultural heritage.

Fly Leaves and Velvet – Form and Function of Book Bindings through History

May 2019 –  January 2020

book bindings

On 17 May 2 pm exhibition curator Kristina Lundblad, Associate Professor of Book History at Lund University, will be inaugurating the exhibition Fly Leaves and Velvet – Form and Function of Book Bindings through History.

The exhibition has been developed in cooperation with Kristina Lundblad. The exhibited books and objects come from our own collections, the Einar Hansen library, the Swedish Book  Museum and a private collection.

The exhibition wants to give you as a visitor an opportunity to learn more about book bindings, but we also welcome you to just enjoy the variation in form and colour exhibited by physical books through the ages.

Book binding has followed man for nearly two thousand years, and in all times book binders have adapted bindings, materials and designs to the practical uses of  the book.  The book binders have always had to adapt to the supply of materials. Even if import of goods occurred early on, the binders have mainly worked with local leather and wood types.

At the University Library the so-called library binding − an extra strong binding − has played an important role in modern times and therefore deserves its own place in the exhibition. You will also experience sprinkled fore edges, or edges decorated with splashes of colour, if you visit the exhibition.

The exhibition is in Swedish, but very visual. Welcome to our entrance hall!

Tintin 90 years

Tintin 90 years

We are celebrating the 90th anniversary of Tintin  with a mini exhibition. Among other things we are showing the predecessor of TIntin and the first published Tintin cartoon in Sweden.

The exhibition is in Swedish and is displayed opposite the Information Desk.

Come and get a Haddock curse!

The right to vote – 100 years since universal och equal suffrage was introduced in Sweden

17 December 2018 –  Summer 2019

Exhibition The right to vote – 100 years since universal och equal suffrage was introduced in Sweden

Warmly welcome to our exhibition, The right to vote – 100 years since universal och equal suffrage was introduced in Sweden, outside Tegnérsalen.

Universal och equal suffrage was introduced on 17 December 1918 in Sweden. The exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of Swedish democracy and the journey there. 

The exhibition is in Swedish.

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