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Copying, scanning & printing

You can copy, scan and print on the copying machines at the University Library. In order to do this, you will need a student or Lucat account, or create a library visitor account.

If you are a student or an external user you will first need to register a PayEx account, which then must be connected to your student account or your library visitor account which you will receive at the Information Desk. Employees at Lund University do not have to register an account. Create an account at If you are not a Swedish or Norwegian citizen, PayEx requires you to send them a copy of your id plus letter of acceptance/study certificate. You will receive an e-mail with further instructions when you have created the account.

If you want to scan something, you do not have to transfer any money to your account.  If you need to print or copy, please deposit money (a minimum of SEK 100) in the following ways:

  • VISA/Mastercard
  • Direct payment Swedbank/Nordea
  • PayEx cash card. Can be purchased at Pressbyrån/7-eleven
  • Postal giro payment (this takes 3 bank days)

In order for the connection between your PayEx account and student account or library visitor account to work, you must activate an autopay agreement. Detailed instructions on activating the autopay agreement (pdf). If you have done this before at any of the libraries at Lund University, you may also have to do it for the University Library. More on where to use PayEx at Lund University.

To print, proceed as follows:

  • Send your prints to the printer "Secure Print".
  • Locate the printer and put your LU card on the card-reader. You can also log in with your StiL, Lucat identity or library visitor account. Now you can retrieve your prints, copies or you can scan.

Do you need to make a printout from your own laptop? You can send your documents to mobileprint [at], provided that the system recognizes your email address.  Detailed instructions on mobile print (pdf).


Additional repro services


For help with copies from the University Library's own collections, please contact our Digitisation unit, bild [at]

For other repro services, please contact Media-Tryck, media-tryck [at]



Page Manager:
End of cash payments

As from 20 June we no longer accept cash as payment, only card payments.


  • Copies & prints, A4 black & white: SEK 0.50 per page
  • Copies & prints, A4 colour: SEK 2,50 per page
  • Copies & prints, A3 black & white: SEK 1,00 per page
  • Copies & prints, A3 colour: SEK 5,00 per page
  • Scans: Free