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Sheet music & scores

The University Library receives all the musical scores published in Sweden in the form of legal deposits. All musical scores from 1958 onward are included in the University Library’s uncatalogued collection of ephemera and must be requested in advance.

Search the University Library’s music books in our catalogue Lovisa. However, individual scores and music sheets are not included in Lovisa but considered as ephemera.

Older music

The University Library has several interesting collections of Swedish and international music, including Akademiska kapellet (the Lund University Academic Orchestra) with its music collection from the 1600s and 1700s, Otto Taussig’s Schubert collection, collections of folk music and manuscripts of composers such as Sten Broman and John Fernström.

The library's older, handwritten sheet music from the 1600s and 1700s is searchable in this international database:

Older printed music scores are searchable in the bibliographies Uppslagsbok för svenska musikhandeln (1889–1975), or Svensk musikförteckning (1916–1994) and Svensk musikkatalog (1976–1995). The latter two are shelved in our reference collection on shelf Aaij.

You can search our most important Swedish sheet music and all international sheet music (up to and including 1957) in Catalogue -1957. Other unregistered sheet music is included in the library’s ephemera.

How to request music

You request individual sheet music in advance and read it in the Special Collections Reading Room.

Printed music

You request printed music through our form.

Handwritten music

handskrift [at] (You request handwritten music by email)Requests will be available after 12 am the following weekday.

Music books

You can search for and request music books in Lovisa.


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Related information

There are also major collections of music at the Library of the Malmö Academy of Music

Recorded music can be searched for and ordered via the National Library of Sweden:
Swedish Media Database (SMDB)