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All printed and electronic journals to which Lund University has access are searchable both in the Lovisa catalogue and in the search service LUBsearch. Most of the University Library’s printed journals have to be requested via Lovisa from our closed stacks. A selection of our most consulted scholarly journals is on display on the entrance floor. The most recent issues are to be found in the adjacent smaller journals room.
  • Lovisa – Search for journals in Lund University’s various libraries.
  • LUBsearch – In LUBsearch you can search for journals and also many scholarly journal articles. LUBsearch is freely searchable, but the electronic journals can only be read within the University or if you log in from home.
  • ePublications – Search in a dedicated list of the electronic journals which are accessible within Lund University.

LUBITO contains a list of all the journals at the University Library. If you are a student or an employee at Lund University, you can order scanned articles from the University Library’s scholarly journals, at no cost. A link to a PDF file is sent to you the following weekday.

Uncatalogued journals

Every year, the University Library receives a large number of Swedish printed materials which are not considered ordinary journals. These can be promotional flyers, members' newsletters for various associations, parish newsletters and staff or customer newsletters from companies. Many of them are visible in Lovisa and can be requested as ephemera (see special request form). Please note that there may be gaps in our holdings.

Older journals

Older journals are found in our old card catalogue, Catalogue -1957.

  • Catalogue -1957 – Journals published up to and including 1957. In the subject section there is a heading of Tidskrifter (journals) under most of the subject areas.

Requesting journals

Most of our printed journals are in closed storage and must be requested via Lovisa. Uncatalogued journals (see above) are requested as ephemera.


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