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Government publications

Government publications are those published by the government, the parliament, public authorities and municipalities. The University Library is responsible for receiving and preserving all government publications printed in Sweden.

You will find all publications from the Swedish parliament and the Swedish Code of Statutes (SFS) on the mezzanine floor (up one flight of stairs). The Swedish Government Official Reports series (SOU) from 1922 and the Ministry Publication Series (Ds) 1987–2016 are on the so-called deck above the entrance floor. SOU's are also available for borrowing from storage or in the Open Collection. Swedish statistics are located in the north reading room Reflektoriet. Law collections are available in the Reference Collection.

Since the 1990s, the majority of government publications are published and searchable online:

This guide describes how to find government publications, such as bills, inquiries, laws and statistics:

How to request government publications

You will find commissions of inquiries, reports and other documents published separately in the Lovisa catalogue. Documents included among parliamentary publications (such as bills, motions and committee reports) on the mezzanine floor are for in-house use in the library. You can request older parliamentary publications (1867–2001/2002) for regular loans. Search under "Riksdagstryck” (parliamentary publications) as a title in Lovisa.

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Parliamentary documents

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