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Swedish print

The University Library in Lund – the nation’s back-up memory
You can find everything you are looking for at the University Library - at least when it comes to Swedish publications. The Legal Deposit Act ensures that the University Library receives a copy of every Swedish publication for the general public in Sweden.


In addition to the University Library, Swedish printers and publishers send Swedish publications to the National Library of Sweden (Kungliga Biblioteket) in Stockholm and to the five other legal deposit libraries in Sweden. All documents that are primarily written in Swedish or have a Swedish copyright holder and have a certain circulation are subject to legal deposit. The Legal Deposit Act simply ensures that Swedish printers and publishers deliver, and that the University Library in turn receives, preserves and makes the material available.

Here at the University Library, our task is to take care of the Swedish legal deposit reserve copy whereas the National Library of Sweden is entrusted with the Swedish national copy.

The fundamental principle behind the legal deposit system is your right to information and knowledge, and the preservation of the country’s cultural heritage for future generations.

Read more on the Swedish National Library’s website about legal deposits.

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