The Correspondence of Esaias Tegnér

The Swedish poet, Professor of Greek, bishop and politician Esaias Tegnér (1782-1846) was a prolific writer of letters and he has left an extensive correspondence. The collection, reflecting his many interests and activities, consists of 2,772 letters from the period 1801-1846. Among his correspondents are Carl Adolph Agardh, Professor of Botany in Lund, Jöns Jacob Berzelius, chemist and inventor of the modern chemical notation; the authors Fredrika Bremer and Erik Gustaf Geijer, the politician Lars von Engeström, and Tegnér’s muse Martina von Schwerin.

The letters to Tegnér are presently arranged by sender, and bound in 13 volumes, in chronological order. The vivid interest in Tegnér and in his colleagues has lead to over-use and to great damage to the collection. A project has conserved, registered, digitised and made the fragile collection of letters accessible online.

The Letters to Esaias Tegnér (in Swedish)




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